About Terry

Age: 50
Occupation: Test Management Consultant
Website: terrydavis.co.uk


My place in the world:
I am father to five amazing children and husband to a beautiful, intelligent and strong woman. As far as I know I am healthy and I'm fit enough to enjoy my favourite pastime; cycling. I am an atheist and believe that the short time that we have on the planet is all we have and so we'd better make it count.  I have reached a time in my life where I feel I want to make a difference, to do something that will last beyond my years. I hope that Stone Circle will be the legacy I leave for others.

My passions:
I hate the gym! I've tried going, I really have but I can't get away from the fact that to me, exercising indoors is just unnatural. I love nothing better than being out on my bike, feeling the wind in my face and experiencing the world go by. Recently I had the chance to go snorkelling and it was the most liberating thing I have done in a long time. I want more of that. I want to kayak, surf, swim, run, climb, cycle and just be outdoors, being healthy and fit. Stone Circle is going to give me that in the biggest gym there is.

My hopes for the future:
I hope for Star Trek. I don't mean the next movie, I mean I hope that one day the whole human race will wake up and realise just how much it can achieve if it sets aside all of the pseudo-science, wars, greed, hatred and all of the petty wastes of time and resources. I hope that one day we realise how dumb we are fighting over little pieces of the planet. I hope that one day we stop being obsessed with money, whilst others starve. I hope that we see this planet as it is; our beautiful home. I hope that one day we turn our eyes and minds to the stars.

My Philosophies:
I consider myself a man of science. I find religion, superstition, pseudo-science and unproven medical claims to be an affront to logic and right-thinking. The human race has survived to this point, in spite of these things, not because of them. If we are to survive as a species, to maintain our foothold on this planet and in the future colonise others, then it is our ability to think that will do this, not our ability to believe without evidence. I encourage my children to be critical thinkers and question everything, because only by questioning can we ever find the truth.

My Stone Circle:
Stone Circle for me is freedom. The freedom to be the best man that I can with the support and friendship of other, like-minded men. It is the freedom to discover truths about myself, about my abilities and limits and the freedom to push myself to learn new skills and take on new challenges. It is the freedom to speak my truth, to love with my whole self and to accept love where I find it. It is the freedom to be a the man I am and push him to be a better man by the end of each day.