IAOI 01 – Dublin

    Having only booked a hotel for the last night of our trip, Sunday, our first priority was to get to a major town where we  would be sure to be able to 'dop in' unannounced to an hotel and rest our heads. Cork seemed to be a realistic target, given that it was mid-day already. 

    We had origianlly booked a Mini as a hire car as we would only be needing it to drive to and from the Mankind Project at Townley Hall but we decided that as we were doing a road-trip we should probably upgrade to something a bit more roomy. We opted for a Hyundai ix35, which turned out to be a surpisingly excellent car on the winding roads we were to traverse. Not a great deal of room in the boot, but as we were travelling light anyway it was ideal for a two-man road-trip.

    Ireland had arrranged some beautiful sunny weather for us and so after the cursory vehicle check, we set off for Cork.