iaoi 07 – Glengarrif

    Continuing our path along the N71 we followed some winding roads in and out of mountains that seemd to have been thrust up through The Earth's crust by angry subterranean giants, bent on destroying everything above ground. If this was the case then Mother Nature had certainly done her piece in attempting to cover over the argument with waterfalls, streams, rolling hills and a healthy scattering of heather. Every curve in the road now was met with a "Wow! look at that!" from both driver and passenger, each pointing at something different, but equally new and beautiful. The threatening clouds had not yet spotted us and their eye was fixed on something out to sea. Before they turned their wrath in our direction, we pulled the car over and both agreed that this was a landscape that had to be felt, smelled and trod under foot to truly appreciate it. Sometimes a road trip needs you to leave the car behind.

    We climbed over a low spot in a fence and made our way carefully through what quickly became a bog, to a high point on the near horizon. We squelched a bit, stumbled and went "eurgh!" a lot when we sank ankle deep. Then suddenly Adrain pointed to the distance and went "shh, Terry, look".

    Away in the distance, maybe 500 yards away stood three wild horses, happily munching on the flora and oblivious to us. Not heeding the obvious "shh" I said, all too loudly "What?"

    At this, the horses stopped their heather buffet and looked right at us. Clearly being no credible threat they soon went back to eating but to be that close to wild horses was the most amazing exprience. That was until Adrian spotted the small farm about a half mile away, which they were probably usually stabled in.

    You know what though? Adventures like this aren't about what you actaully see, they are about what you actually feel, and in that few moments I was in the middle of a wild moor, on the side of a mountain with wild horses with my best freind and I felt afraid and in complete awe of nature.

    I hope you all find that in some way.

    The trek back to the car was undignified, messy, stank of pete bog, was a little disorienting and made us glad to have a car to get back into!