iaoi 15 – Cloghane

We left Ventry and the most Westerly point of Ireland, thinking we had seen it all but we should have come to realise by now that Ireland always seems to have one more card up its sleeve, and it did.

Leaving the mountains behind and descending into what would eventually lead us back to the plains and the plane, we found oursleves on a narrow road that wound its way back to the mainland. This was probably the most suprising gift of all. We rounded a cliff face and found a small pull-in where maybe half a dozen cars were stooped and people were all standing and staring upwardly, not dissimilar to the movie Close Encounters.

We stopped too and were not disappointed. Nestled in the hillside was the most beautiful waterfall, and after a short climb a mountain moraine. The remains of a glacial lake, cradled in the very bosom of the mountain. Behind us was a valley that had been carved out by the movement of billions of tonnes of glacial ice over countless millennia and it was specatcular and made us feel very tiny and insignificant.

Thank you Irleand, we love you and we will be back.