Woodland Ways Remote Emergency Care Level 2

In 2016, Adrian and Terry both completed the Woodland Ways Remote Emergency Care Level 2 course.

In an urban environemnt, you are never more than a few minutes before the paramedics arrive to take over but in the wild it could be an hour before you can even get your casualty to an access road.

Going beyond the 'should-do, shouldn't do' of basic first aid courses, this takes you into scenarios where there is no help apart from you. You may be the only person standing between your freind bleeding out and dying or living to join your next adventure. The course teaches not only basic situations but goes way beyond into 'how do I get my casualty into a safe place and then to help?'

With a no-holds-barred approach, their instructor will lead you through everyting form how to make a sling from your coat to how to build a stretcher from a tarp, whislt tending your patient.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the course and now feel much more comfortable going out into the wild knowing that in a dire emergency, we can rely on each other to know and do the right thing.

We highly recommend that before you jump the fence, you book onto the course here